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What to Write In a Housewarming Card

What to Write In a Housewarming Card

Buying a new home is definitely peak adulting, so we think it might just be one of the most underrated card giving occasions of all. Like the good friend you are, you’ve selected the perfect housewarming card to celebrate your friend's new digs, and now you’re just a little... stuck. Let us help. Here’s how to write the perfect new home card:


Start with congrats.

A simple “congratulations on the new place!” will do. If that’s a bit too easy for you, try these openers:

“I’ve never been more jealous of you!”

“Hooray! You’re definitely a real adult now!”

“Congrats on the new pad! I can’t wait to set up my room!”


Mention a new amenity or the neighborhood.

Get personal by adding in a few specific details about the new house or the area. Try something like this:

“Granite countertops? The pinnacle of luxury!”

“You’re so lucky you snagged a spot near Alamo Square Park—it has one of the nicest views in the city!”

“Rover is going to be SO spoiled with his big new backyard!”


Let them know you can’t wait to see the place and spend time there.

They’ve probably worked hard to buy a new home, so we're guessing they'll be eager to show it off. Let them know you’d love to let them show it off with something like this:

“Here’s to many football watch parties in your incredible new living room.”

“I can’t wait to come over and help you break it in!”

“Your place is about to become like Monica’s apartment in Friends—everyone's gonna to be over all the time!”


Close with best wishes

Funny or sentimental, close your note with well wishes for good times in the new place:

“Here’s to making incredible memories in your new home.”

“Cheers to the wine-fueled nights coming soon to your fabulous new kitchen.”

“I can’t wait to overstay my welcome all the time.”

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