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What to Write in a Funny Birthday Card

What to Write in a Funny Birthday Card

We've all been there: you bought a funny birthday card for a friend, then you sit down to write the note... and you're drawing a blank. You and your good taste picked out the most perfect, most hilarious birthday card, so where are the funnies when it's time to write the message? We can totally relate, and we're here to help you craft a clever, funny birthday card message.

Start with a story

Think back to a silly moment with this friend. Tap into your repertoire of inside jokes, or think about that time you saw them imbibe a liiiittle too much last NYE. Sharing a funny memory with them will not only elicit a chuckle, it'll also remind them how special your friendship is. 

Talk about how you'll celebrate

Even if you're not going to a big bash or doing anything particularly exciting, now's the time to say something ridiculous that they either would totally love to do or would absolutely never do. Belly dancing classes? Skinny dipping in Mexico? Get creative! Whether it actually comes to fruition or not, they're bound to laugh at the prospect. 

Let them know it's their best year yet

Chide them with a silly achievement they will accomplish in this new year of their life. Is it finally the year they'll keep a plant alive? Or bake cookies without burning them? Or buy a piece of furniture not from IKEA? Good times are ahead! 

Bonus points for a drawing

Even if you're no artist (actually, it's probably funnier if you're a terrible artist), they'll likely laugh out loud at the stick figures chugging beer next to your signature. For your S.O., maybe you get a little risqué with those stick figures, who knows?!


Sign off 

Cheers to drinking too much tonight! Cheers to another year of the same! Cheers to this funny card being the best part of your night! You get the picture. ;)

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