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What to Do With Old Greeting Cards

What to Do With Old Greeting Cards

We're known for keeping a pretty large stash of cards handy, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that we also have a growing stack of old greeting cards lying around we don't know quite what to do with. When you get the urge to Marie Kondo your stockpile, here's what to do with greeting cards that have been lying around.



If they're blank... send 'em!
Yeah, you saw this one coming. But if it's a general sentiment or blank card, why not make a friend or family member's day by sending a spontaneous note? Even if it's a simple "I'm thinking about you," trust us, no one hates hearing that.


If they're sentimental... scan 'em.
Meaningful notes in your grandmother's handwriting are nostalgic gold. Don't feel bad about saving cards from the ones you love – they're a special time capsule worth hanging onto. Luckily, we're in the digital age and you can make copies of everything. We suggest scanning the most special cards so you'll always have them, no matter what happens.


Turn cards into art.
Frame a colorful card in a sleek matte frame and you've got yourself a new piece of artwork for your living room. If you're crafty, you could also hang a string across a wall and use clothespins to hang your favorite cards. DIY and done! 


Send cards to a charitable organization
ICYMI, we partner with a new non-profit organization each quarter here to send notes of happiness to those who need it most. In 2019, we sent handwritten notes of encouragement to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, we wrote cards to seniors who needed a little support and we said thanks to military members serving around the world. Currently, we're thanking healthcare workers for being on the frontline of the pandemic.


Find a stylish home for them.
An art deco glass card box looks fantastic on a book shelf, plus it's useful. Store any old greeting cards in a pretty space, and they won't seem as unorganized.


Upcycle them.
Cut off the front of the card and reuse it as a gift tag – or even a whole new postcard if the backside wasn't written on!


Recycle them.
Most cards are probably recyclable through your local recycling program, and if you're unsure, this organization has a special greeting card recycling program.