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6 Ways To Make Your Mail More Beautiful

6 Ways To Make Your Mail More Beautiful
Image Credit: @sdletterwriters


Checking the mailbox isn’t all that exciting these days. Bills, credit card offers, catalogs and coupons pile up, making sifting through all that junk an activity most of us would rather avoid. But—if you're like us—when you find a carefully lettered envelope from a friend or family member, you can’t wait to tear it open. We already know you love being the one sending more happiness, so why not make the moment last a little longer by adding your own special touch to each card? If you've got the itch to beautify your snail mail, we've got your back: check out these six ways to decorate your envelopes.

Vintage or fun stamps
We love unique stamps almost as much as we love cards. If you have a Part & Parcel subscription, you’re already getting a variety of fun, curated stamps each month. But if you need to stock up, head to your local post office or try their online shop for the full selection. You can also seek out vintage stamps on eBay, other online shops or even a local stamp shop or museum, which look great when you pile them on together. 

Add envelope liners
You’ve likely seen these beauties on wedding invitations or Christmas cards as they’ve grown in popularity in recent years. Envelope liners can bring a pop of color to any piece of mail, and they're easily found at craft or paper stores. If you want to get extra crafty, try making your own, customizing them with your monogram or unique art.

Embrace your inner five-year-old and go wild with stickers. Your local craft store should have a good selection to choose from, but when in doubt, a big box store like Target or Walmart will work. Get creative and look for pop culture-inspired stickies, or stock up on seasonally appropriate ones.

Calligraphy is definitely not a lost art—if anything it’s coming back in a big way! Search for a calligraphy class in your area or online, and try your hand at different lettering techniques. If you can’t find a class or don’t want to pay for it, buy an instructional book or turn to YouTube. Beautiful hand lettering will take a bit of practice and patience, but it’s a lot of fun when you get the hang of it.

Seal it with wax
Everyone will know the mail is from you with a custom wax seal. It looks elegant, vintage and a little Harry Potter-esque all at the same time, and that’s basically our main goal in daily life. Use your initials, a logo or even a custom design to seal your envelope.

Washi Tape
If you're not on the washi tape bandwagon, hop on now. The patterns and colors are endless and you can use them to seal your envelope or just add a pop of color wherever you think you need it. 

Need more inspiration? See if there’s a letter writing club in your town that you can join. These groups get together to write letters and often share supplies to beautify their envelopes. And if you can’t find one in your town, turn to Instagram for a little inspo!