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Thinking of You cards for every occasion

Thinking of You cards for every occasion

We hate to say it, but mail, well, isn't usually all that exciting these days. It's usually stuffed full of catalogs and junk advertisements, so when you're sifting through it all and find a handwritten card from a friend, that's a good day. The perfect, spontaneous thinking of you card is the best surprise a friend can get, so here are lots of thinking of you cards so you can spread the love. 

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Thank you for being you
Everyone loves a compliment and thanking someone just for being them is the best compliment you can give. Plus, it combines the thinking of you concept with a thank you card and gratitude is always a great practice.  Buy it here.



Ice Cream Freezer
Finding ice cream in the freezer is pretty great, so this is a BIG compliment. For the friend that loves dessert, this greeting card is the perfect thinking of you card. Bonus points if you send a few pints of ice cream delivered with it.  Buy it here.



Heard you missed me
If the one on the receiving end of the card loves humor, this is the card for them. They totally miss you, right? Buy it here.



Reward myself with cheese
Another one guaranteed to make them laugh, this one puts the focus a little more on you than them. In a good way!  Buy it here.



Gift to humanity
What's nicer than hearing you're a straight up gift to humanity? That may be the best compliment you can give someone! Buy it here.



Stop it. I miss you.
There's no sweeter thing than being missed by a friend. Say it straight with this beautiful gold foil card. Buy it here.



Mac & Cheese
Mac & cheese is the best. They're the best. And they're the mac AND the cheese! Extra bonus points if you send them some mac & cheese — even if it's just a box of Kraft. Buy it here.




Thinking of you...
Thinking of you...or thinking of your butt. Either way, it's awesome. And someone should be thinking of your butt aside from you. Buy it here.


Raddest and baddest
The raddest and the baddest friends definitely deserve spontaneous cards to let them know how awesome they are. Buy it here.



On fleek
Even if they don't know what "on fleek" means (who does?) they'll know this card is your way of saying they're the best. Buy it here.



Obsessed with you
A little obsession is healthy, right? Buy it here.



Girls like getting cards
It's true, they really do. Buy it here.



Gentleman and a baller
A card like this that shows up for no specific reason at all? Now that's great. Buy it here.