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The Best Card I’ve Ever Received

The Best Card I’ve Ever Received

I believe in the business of snail mail for a number of reasons, but mostly because of a small green linen box I’ve had for 10+ years. It’s traveled with me from Chapel Hill to Stockholm to Denver to San Francisco. More important than the box itself is what's inside—it contains the most treasured cards I’ve received. Birthdays, graduations, Easter, Valentine’s Day, thank you’s, silly notes: you name it, it's in there! And sitting down to write this blog post was the perfect opportunity to dig back through that box and bring my heart to the brink of explosion.

The card that sticks out over and over again is a very simple 'Thank You.' It’s a cream-colored card with a beautiful gold “C” embossed on the front that stands for Campbell, my family name. I prefer to believe it also stands for Charlie, my Granddaddy and the author of this beloved card.

He wrote me a thank you card for a bicycle bell I sent him. And while I’m sad to say I can’t quite remember what the bell looked like, I am forever grateful to have this simple note of gratitude from him. Not because I like to be thanked, but because it’s in his methodical handwriting and it’s calls to mind his love of bicycles—at one point he had more than 25! It captures a moment in my life while I was living in Denver, where I too had a favorite cream colored bicycle named Dolly who had a killer purple bell. All of these memories wrapped up in one card!

That’s the thing about cards: your thoughtful words or even just your handwriting on paper may mean the world to the recipient, both the day they pull it out of their mailbox and years beyond.

What card have you received that you treasure most? Or, better yet, who will you send one too next?!