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The best bachelorette party card ideas

The best bachelorette party card ideas

The wedding is great and all, but for a woman who loves her besties, the bachelorette party is where it's at. It's guaranteed to be a weekend she'll never forget, so make sure to give her something to remember everything with, like a fun bachelorette card. Here are lots of bachelorette card options from sassy to sweet.

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Let Loose
The bachelorette party weekend is the ultimate time to kick up your heels and let loose. Give her a little encouragement with this fun card from Seedlings. Plus, the envelope is made of plantable wildflower seeds, so it's a gift too! Buy it here. 

let loose card



Cheers Bitches
Things tend to get a little sloppy on a bachelorette and you can usually tell when people start screaming "cheers bitches!" at the dinner table. May as well match the party vibes with this fun card, which is also a perfect group card. Buy it here. 



Rosé Congrats
You know what there is a lot of on bachelorettes? Wine. Cheers to the lucky lady with this fun card. Bonus points if you attach it to a couple of bottles of rosé. Buy it here.

rose congrats 



Ride or Die
She may be getting married, but that doesn't mean she's no longer your ride or die. Make sure she knows with this fun bachelorette card. Buy it here.

ride or die card



Party Time
Bachelorette = party time. Set the tone right from the start with this fun card. Buy it here.

party time card



Pop the Bubbly
If there aren't multiple bottles of champagne, is it even a bachelorette party? Pop the bubbly and cheers to the gal of the moment with this sweet bachelorette card. Buy it here.

pop the bubbly bachelorette card



Huge Celebration
A wedding is a huge celebration, but so is a bachelorette. It may be one of the only times in her life when all her besties from different times and areas of life are in one place. And that calls for a HUGE celebration. Buy it here.

celebration card



Hell Yes
Oh hell yes to a big bachelorette celebration! Buy it here.

hell yes bachelorette card



Girl, you're amazing
The whole day is celebrating how amazing she is, so may as well get a card to match. Buy it here.

girl amazing bachelorette card



Obsessed with you
Let your obsession be known — she's the best! Celebrate that obsession with this fun bachelorette card. Buy it here.

obsessed greeting card



Yolo is a bit of a cliche by now, but it's a pretty damn funny one according to this card. Buy it here.

yolo bachelorette card



Girls like cards
It's true. This is one of our favorite cards to have on hand because it works for pretty much every occasion, including bachelorettes! Buy it here.

girls like cards



More fun with you
It's her weekend and it's just more fun with her in it! Buy it here.

more fun bachelorette card



Can't wait to sob
If you're not already sobbing at the bachelorette, the wedding will probably do it. Tell it like it is with this fun bachelorette card. Buy it here.