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Our Favorite Gifts that Fit Inside an Envelope

Our Favorite Gifts that Fit Inside an Envelope

Sending a card to say "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations!" or even just "Hey, I miss you" is a perfect way to bring a smile to someone's face. But what's even sweeter is including a little something extra in that envelope... and no, we're not talking about stuffing it with cash or a gift card. It can be hard to find unique gifts that fit inside an envelope, though — especially when you want to add a personal touch. 

Here are our favorite picks for fun, small gifts that can fit in an envelope: 

  • PHOTOS: Print some of your favorite Instagram shots from a service like Artifact Uprising.
  • FLOWER SEEDS: Send a gift that will keep on giving as it grows!
  • BLANK POSTCARDS: Perfect for the friend who's always on the move. Make it easy for them to keep you updated on where they're headed next!
  • FLASH TATS: For your Coachella-going, Vegas-loving, flower-crown wearing friend with a pool. 
    • PLAYLIST: The days of mix tapes and CDs may be gone, but the art of the playlist is not. Craft the perfect lineup and send it along with a Spotify access link. 
    • ADULT AWARD RIBBONS: Celebrate the little wins of adulting with these tongue-in-cheek ribbons from various Etsy sellers. 
    • A LOVE LETTER: Instead of letting the card say it for you, write your own love letter for your sweetheart.
    • CONCERT TICKETS: We're all about experiences over things and live music is the perfect way to make memories together. For the sports lover, sub tickets to see their favorite team!
    • GUITAR PICKS: For the musician in your life, customize guitar picks with initials, photos, jokes, or whatever else you want.
    • CARDS: You had to have seen this one coming, right? We believe that sharing the gift of snail mail is the best way to spread happiness, so why not give the gift of a collection of greeting cards? Grab a slightly larger envelope and stuff it with a mix of your favorite cards.


    Of course, don't forget to add a note with your sweet, envelope-sized gift! Check out some of our favorites for a little inspiration: