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6 Sassy Cards for Your Bestie, Sister, Girlfriend or Work Wife

6 Sassy Cards for Your Bestie, Sister, Girlfriend or Work Wife

Do you cringe a little when you walk down the grocery store greeting card aisle? Can't stand the sappy poem-filled cards your well-meaning-but-misinformed aunt sends each year on your birthday? We feel you. Our style reads a little more... irreverent, if you will. We prefer a witty card that might make your grandma blush but perfectly captures the truth of the moment.

If you're with us, check out a handful of our favorite sassy greeting cards below, for every occasion from bachelorettes to babies and anything in between. Better yet, buy these greeting cards online here!



Good as Hell Birthday
Lizzo said it best with that hair toss (check my nails), so let's defer to her for birthday wishes from now on. This cheeky birthday card is perfect for your girlfriend who lives life feelin' good as hell. Buy it here. 

Sassy Birthday Card Lizzo


Cheers Bitches
There's really no occasion this card isn't perfect for. Bachelorette parties, birthdays, just-quit-my-job celebratory happy hours... it's got the sentiment covered. Raise a glass, ladies. Buy it here. 

Cheers Greeting Card



Climb You Like a Tree
Whether you've got a big anniversary coming up or your bestie just took the plunge on an extreme (but amazing?) haircut, this sassy card is an obvious way to simply say "you're hot." Buy it here. 

Climb You Like a Tree Card


Boss Ass Bitch
Celebrating a promotion? Looking for a perfect Mother's Day card? Just thankful you have a boss bitch as a friend? This sassy greeting card tells it like it is. Buy it here. 

Boss Ass Bitch Card


So Many Thanks
Enough with the boring thank you cards! This saucy card says what we're all really thinking, while still somehow managing to express a heartfelt thank you. Classy. Buy it here.

Sassy Thank You Card


Wedding Apologies 
Best practice: always blame the bride and groom for your drunken wedding shenanigans. It goes over well, trust us. Love this sassy wedding card as much as we do? Buy it here. 

Sassy Wedding Card

Don't see a card that captures your ideal tongue-in-cheek sentiment? Browse more of our sassy greeting cards for saucy, silly ways to say just about anything. Then slap on a stamp, drop those puppies in the mail, and send some big ol' belly laughs. 🤘