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5 Queer-Owned Greeting Card Companies to Support

5 Queer-Owned Greeting Card Companies to Support

If there's one silver lining in this insane year (are you over yet, 2020?) it's that many of us are getting an important reminder to keep diversity top of mind. At Part & Parcel we're dedicated to diversity in the artists with whom we partner, and in addition to supporting more Black artists and designers this year, we're also working to support more LGBTQ-owned businesses. We recently added Ash & Chess to our inventory, an awesome card company run by a queer and trans power couple.

Here are a few of our favorite LGBTQ+ greeting card companies. Check them out and support them by purchasing and sending more cards! #SendMoreHappiness


Ash + Chess

This fun, colorful stationery company is run by Ashley Molesso and Chess Needham and based out of Richmond, VA. They create greeting cards and art prints that use bold, retro color palettes and they often use their artwork to make a political statement. 

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Grl & Co.

Run by Marissa Baca out of Ridgewood, Queens NY, Grl was born of feelings — how to care for them, for ourselves, and for the people we love. Grl stands for Gatsby, Rae, And Lola, three of the coolest cats around! Marissa love house plants, good type, and soft voices on bold colors. Trust us, we all need more of these positive vibes in our life.

Shop Grl & Co. at


Ladyfingers Letterpress

Founded by wife-and-wife team Arley-Rose Torsone and Morgan Calderin, Ladyfingers Letterpress is an LGBTQ+ owned and operated stationery and gift brand based in Colorado Springs, CO. They launched in 2011 after their own wedding invitation went viral (how cool!), and they quickly became busy producing one-of-a-kind wedding invitations. Now they also make kickass greeting cards.

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Dash of Pride

When Jenna and her wife were married in 2019, they realized the LGBTQ+ community was underrepresented when it came to event decor and supplies. They ended up buying two packages of "Mr & Mrs" products to make a "Mrs & Mrs" set for their chair backs! And in that moment of frustration, the idea for the brand was born. Now, they're making everything from greeting cards to t-shirts to wedding decor.

Shop Dash of Pride at


Provoke Culture

BLQWOC owned and operated, Provoke Culture celebrates culture and identity through limited edition and one-of-a-kind creative goods. Aside from greeting cards, they make pins, original artwork and even home goods.

Shop Provoke Culture at