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11 Perfect Happy Birthday Cards for Her

11 Perfect Happy Birthday Cards for Her

The happy birthday text just doesn't cut it these days. Sure it's a little more personal than a Facebook wall post, but nothing is quite as special as a handwritten birthday card. Pick out an amazing birthday card for her and she'll have a birthday she'll never forget.

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Ream of Paper Birthday
Who doesn't love it when they're given a long list of reasons why they're great? No time like a birthday to list out as many reasons as you can why she's the best. Buy it here. 



Good as Hell Birthday
Lizzo said it best with that hair toss (check my nails), so let's defer to her for birthday wishes from now on. Trust us, Lizzo is always the way to go. Buy it here. 

lizzo birthday cards


You Shine
She shines like a diamond every day, so let her know with this gorgeous birthday card. Buy it here. 

you shine birthday card


Disco Glam Party
The best way to celebrate a birthday is by dressing up and getting ready for a grand party. Tell her you're ready for a big night out with this fantastically glamorous card. Buy it here.

glam birthday card


Happy Birthday Gorgeous
Sweet, simple and just perfect. Plus, the envelope is plantable so it's more than just the flowers on the card. It's a gift, too! Buy it here.


Whoopee Cushion Birthday
If your gal's got a goofy side, what says happy birthday better than a whoopee cushion? She'll be laughing as soon as she takes it out of the envelope. Buy it here.

funny birthday card


Rosés Birthday
Celebrate in style with a dozen rosés for her birthday. Trust us, she would rather have these than roses. Buy it here.


Scalloped Birthday
This sweet, sunny birthday card will look just perfect next to the flowers you sent her for her day. You did send flowers, right? Buy it here.


Obsessed with You
Everyone should be obsessed with her on her birthday! It's the one night she gets to hog all the attention. Buy it here.



Birthday Vibes
The best vibes are birthday vibes. What are birthday vibes? Confetti, birthday cake, champagne...should we go on? Buy it here.


Pop the Bubbly
Pop the champagne because she's having another birthday. Buy it here.


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