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Meet the Designer: Small Adventure

Meet the Designer: Small Adventure

There are tons of cards out there that make us laugh, and even some that can make us shed a tear. And then there are those cards that are just so beautiful you want to hang them on the wall. And you certainly couldn't bear to throw them away. They're tiny works of art that have the pleasure of being passed from one person to another.

Keiko Brodeur is the artist behind the beautiful illustrated paper goods under the name Small Adventure. Her unique designs and illustrations are inspired by the great outdoors and the wonders that adventure can rouse in all of us. We also love that her affinity for nature extends into her business and production—all plant-based card sleeves are biodegradable, and shipping materials are reused. We were able to sit down with Keiko to learn a bit more about her.

How would you describe your style?
My drawing/painting style is organic, colorful and has some child-like qualities.

Where do you look for inspiration?
Children's book illustrators are a big influence on me, but inspiration can come from anything! Nature, ceramics, interior decorations, weavings, movies, etc.

What’s the most memorable card you’ve ever sent or received?
I think this card from Quill and Fox is a true beauty with such a perfect message.

Who is your spirit celebrity?
Jewel Staite in the show Firefly. She plays a warm, friendly mechanic on a spaceship in a war-torn future.

As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up?
I had lots of music lessons when I was growing up and wanted to be a singer/songwriter, but it turns out I like sitting alone and drawing now that I'm an adult.

For more awe-inspiring illustrations from Keiko, follow Small Adventures on Instagram and Facebook.