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Meet the Designer: Read Between the Lines

Meet the Designer: Read Between the Lines

Melinda Jones always dreamt about designing cards. Not just ordinary cards, though. She had a vision of cards featuring words and designs that actually spoke to the feelings and people involved when they gifted the card—not just the same old "happy birthday" and "congrats" you'd see on your average greeting card.

With just that little piece of intel about the brand, we knew we were obsessed with Read Between the Lines. As much as we love the act of sending cards, our mission is sending more happiness, and that starts with the joy that your letter sparks on the other end. Her cards exude energy and excitement that any receiver will love. Now let's learn a bit more about Melinda!

How would you describe your style?
Comfortable modern, with a little vintage thrown in. I have some lucite and wood bracelets of my mom’s that I treasure, and that make me feel at home in whatever I put together.

Where do you look for inspiration?
Both in time alone to rest, and in visits with close friends and family. Also helpful: Travel to new places, listening to inspiring podcasts and books on, working in my balcony garden, talking to customers in our store and going to workshops in which I learn from fellow entrepreneurs. Each of these things helps me run harder and with more joy, clarity and purpose.

What's your favorite thing you sell aside from cards?
It’s a tie between special candles and gorgeous books — both have the ability to sloooow you down (in a good way) and take you someplace yummy.

What’s the most memorable card you’ve ever sent or received?
A congratulatory postcard from my brother, Morgan, featuring a black and white photo of a huge dog looking from a brownstone window. He sent it to me when I closed on my first home years ago. Morgan's a great writer and encourager, a superb human being. I framed that postcard and have it hanging in my master closet (literally, the best place to hang things that give you a boost and a hug!).

Who is your spirit celebrity?
My celebrity heroine is Cameron Diaz. Gorgeous without really trying, makes short haircuts cool and sexy, an independent thinker, has a big laugh, insanely awesome driving skills, and a general fearlessness that comes with maturity and confidence. I pretend I’m her when in a new situation or generally feeling dorky — it helps every time!

If you could time travel, where would you go?
20 years back to a trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with my best friend from college, Tina, and our sorority housemom, Claudia, who was a second mom to both Tina and I. Claudia was in her 70’s at the time and yet she taught us 20-somethings how to travel the world, be young and alive and savor every sunny breeze upon our faces.

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