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Meet the Designer: Neighborly Paper

Meet the Designer: Neighborly Paper

A writer and an illustrator walk into a hot apartment in Harlem. The writer says, “I want to start a greeting card line, but I can’t draw.” The illustrator says, “I’m an art director, you could just ask me to draw!” “Will you?” asked the writer. “Let’s do it,” said the illustrator. And just like that, Neighborly Paper was born.

Is that not the best story? Robin & Carmelle's unapologetic, witty, and bold style is just what we needed in our inventory. We couldn't wait to learn more about them and how they create such killer cards.

How would you describe your style?

Robin here! I'm the writer at Neighborly Paper and my personal style can be best described as colorful. I lived in New York City for a while so I suppose I did wear a lot of black, but I'm generally attracted to bright prints. Carmelle's style is super unique. She's always finding cool pieces from different stores which I think makes her style very eclectic. She's also obsessed with wearing the color yellow.

What’s the weirdest occasion you’ve ever sent a card for?

I sent my friend a congratulations card for quitting her job. I think we tend to only celebrate when people land a NEW gig, but why shouldn't we praise people for making hard choices and prioritizing their passions? It felt weird at the time, but at Neighborly we hope to normalize all milestones in a person's life.

What’s one of your most favorite cards you’ve ever designed?

My favorite card is in the Mother's Day category. It's the 'Thanks for taking care of me STILL' card. I love the honesty and kindness it exudes. The words ring so true for so many people who have grown up, but still rely on the guidance and support of their mothers. Carmelle loved designing our Zodiac birthday box set. Is it cheating to pick 12 favorite cards?

Where do you look for inspiration? 

Anywhere and everywhere. I read a ton, am a social media junkie, and love to travel (pre-Covid of course). Carmelle is very similar in that regard. I think that's why we're constantly brainstorming and thinking of the next great card.

Who is your spirit celebrity? I'd have to go with Chrissy Tiegen. She's an entrepreneur, super into her family, and always down for a good time. She also doesn't take life too seriously.

Who should EVERYONE be following right now on Instagram?

There's so many amazing people and brands to follow. @r29unbothered for all things Black Girl Magic. @buymechanel for all your skincare needs. @hattiesparks for interior design. @heyjncicole for self care. @a.hendee and @the_instylist for fashion. @heatherkmcmahan for laughs. @artxofficial for great artwork. @michaelharriot and @rachel.cargle for political commentary. I could go on! Like I said, I'm a social media junkie.

For more of Neighborly Paper, buy their cards, visit their website and follow them on Instagram.