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Meet the Designer: JooJoo Paper

Meet the Designer: JooJoo Paper

Illustrator and multimedia artist Afsaneh Tajvidi (aka Afi) created JooJoo Paper to celebrate the little joys in life. Her designs are an effort to bring a smile to our faces — or maybe even inspire a little daydream. She also shares our love of a well-designed postage stamp! Based in Toronto, JooJoo Paper is all about finding and indulging in those simple pleasures, like a crisp fall leaf or the taste of a gold kiwi. 

We chatted with Afi to learn more about her inspiration and favorite designs:  

How would you describe your style?
Detailed, soulful and atmospheric.

What’s the weirdest occasion you’ve ever sent a card for?
Mmm I can't think of one... Maybe sending a thank you card for our vet!

What’s one of your favorite cards you’ve designed?
Plane Window Santa, it just makes me so happy whenever I look at it :D

Where do you look for inspiration?
I have a gazillion number of files on my hard drive which I accumulated over the years. I save everything that I like and once in a while I go through them to feed my mind. I also collect a lot of books — from natural history to children's picture books — those are always very inspiring. A trip to the local library and going through books is also a big source of inspiration. Other than that, nature, movies and basically everything around me can be a source of inspiration.

On your first day ruling the world, what would you do?
I never wanna rule the world! Maybe I resign. :)))

What’s a product you’re obsessed with right now?
Fabric tapes with gorgeous patterns! 

For more of JooJoo Paper, buy their cards, visit their website and follow them on Instagram.