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Meet the Designer: Huckleberry Press

Meet the Designer: Huckleberry Press

What's better than discovering your love of letterpress? Discovering it while printing the invitations to your wedding of course! Emily and Justin Reynolds embraced their new passion, quit their corporate jobs and have been printing funny letterpress cards ever since at Huckleberry Press.

They combine their sarcastic nature with distinct typography, design and illustration to create cards and other printed goods. We sat down with Emily and Justin to learn more about their style, personality and what makes their designs so memorable. Oh and don't forget to follow her on Instagram and Facebook

How would you describe your style?

For the most part we try to keep our aesthetic fairly simple. We love how letterpress printing can elevate a simple concept. That being said, we do have many styles within our collection. We own a small retail stationery and gift store, so we try to emulate the diverse selection you’d find in a store like our own. 

Where do you look for inspiration?

We find try to find humor, beauty and inspiration through everyday experiences like parenthood (dealing with our toddler), relationships (dealing with each other), family, tv, movies, music, and politics (unfortunately). Most of our brainstorming and writing happens when we’re driving on long car rides to visit family or go to shows.

What’s the weirdest occasion you’ve ever sent a card for?

This isn’t a card we sent.. But we live in a fairly rural area. A friend of ours came into our store and needed a card for her brand new neighbors. Her dog had gotten loose and ate all of their chickens. Talk about a first impression, right?

What’s one of your most favorite cards you’ve ever designed?

Emily: My favorite card is one of our best selling holiday cards “Your eggnog brings all the elves to the yard.” Justin came up with the idea and thought it was a total throw away, but I convinced him otherwise. Last year it almost won a Louie Award at the National Stationery Show - so we’re really proud of that.
Justin: My favorite card has always been our “Cheers to another year” reaper card. Justyn Iannucci (one of our illustrators) drew this for us in 2015. I typically have a pretty dark sense of humor and ever since the first time I’ve seen it, I’ve loved it.

If you had to give up one thing between avocados, Amazon or Netflix, which would you give up?

That’s a tough one! We can’t live without Netflix, that’d be difficult. I think we’d get rid of Amazon. It certainly is convenient, but we really try to shop local as much as possible and Emily has a slight obsession with avocados. I mean, c’mon.. It’s a superfood! 

Who should EVERYONE be following right now on Instagram?

One of our favorites is Britt Rohr of @swellpress. She is amazing at showing the process of letterpress printing in a visual way through stories and her news feed. Not only that, but she’s a fantastic designer and letterpress printer.