Introducing Part & Parcel

Introducing Part & Parcel
part and parcel

Welcome to Part &  Parcel, a new way to make sure you always have the perfect card on-hand for any occasion. We created Part & Parcel because we love that warm and fuzzy feeling of sending (and receiving!) mail.

But we're really tired of uninspired, unfunny grocery store greeting cards. So, we built an easier way to get those witty, well-designed cards we love to give our friends and family. We partner with independent and artisan designers to deliver you cards you'd actually want to send. 

Part & Parcel has options for everyone, with various greeting card subscription levels, customized options, and an online card shop. Our standard greeting card subscription is the simplest way to to make sure you always have a card for any birthday, wedding, or life moment that comes up. Choose one, three, or six months of amazing cards delivered right to your doorstep. We'll send you four cards each month, including a variety of categories and styles. 

With Part & Parcel Custom Curation, you tell us exactly which cards you want and when you want them, and we'll get them to you with plenty of time for you to sign, seal and deliver them to your loved ones. 

And for those who'd rather choose each and every card they send—we've got your back. Browse our card store to find the perfect card for each person on your list. 

Whatever your card-sending style, you can use Part & Parcel to #sendmorehappiness.  

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