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If I Could Write a Card to Anyone, I Would Write to...

If I Could Write a Card to Anyone, I Would Write to...

If I could write a card to anyone, I would write to Gary Janetti. The man is bringing humor like I’ve never seen, and I can’t get enough of his Instagram posts. In a world where I drink up Insta-humor like I do my daily pots of coffee (yes, pots—I can’t get enough), he deserves a big fatty thank you. So, without further ado…


Dear Gary,

There are no words to describe the anticipation and delight I feel every time I open Instagram on my phone. I think to myself, “What photo of Meghan Markle did Gary get his hands on?” “What sass will Prince George regally bestow upon us today?” My app sparkles when I type in your name. The angels sing, and let’s just say I’ll never sneak a peek of your work while I’m in a library.

Your exceptional sarcasm personified is the gift that truly keeps on giving. Thank you. I dream of the day when Prince George gives his first interview, age 11, in which I fully expect him to be wearing an ascot, providing rich commentary on his Aunt, Uncle and the Kardashians, sipping Macallan, and signing off with a finger wave. One can only hope. And in the meantime, I look to you to create that world. Thank you for sharing the snark and reminding us to pause for belly-aching humor every day.


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