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How to Write a Farewell Card to a Leaving Coworker

How to Write a Farewell Card to a Leaving Coworker

It's a tough day when you find out your work bestie is leaving. But even if it's just the average colleague moving on, signing the group greeting card with a meaningful note can be a daunting task. This simple formula for an easy message to a leaving coworker should do the trick every time: 


Let them know you're sad to see them go.
Everyone wants to know they'll be missed, so start off by letting them know that things won't be the same without them around. 


Tell them you enjoyed working with them.
Even if you... didn't. You never know who may pop up in the next step of your career after all! 


Offer words of encouragement.
Starting a new job or trying something different can be intimidating. Write a few kind words to let them know you think they'll do well in their next endeavor. If you can mention specific skills or talents of theirs, all the better. 


Sign off with a little luck.
Good luck is an easy sign off that wishes them the best in their new role.


Sample message:
I'm so sad to see you go! It's been a pleasure working with you these past two years. You're going to kill it at the new gig. Good luck and keep in touch!

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