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How to Write a Wedding Card

How to Write a Wedding Card

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, chances are you’re writing an estimated one billion wedding cards between April and October each year. These celebratory occasions may seem like they’re all about the party, but when the big day has come and gone, it’s your well wishes the happy couple will remember. We’ve put together an easy wedding card template for you to follow so you can write a wedding card they’ll never forget.

Start with Congrats
It’s the easiest way to start out and it begins the card on a celebratory note. After all, that’s what a wedding is! Try “congrats you two!” or something more fun like, “This calls for champagne!”

Let Them Know How Happy You Are For Them
Add in a simple “I’m so happy for you” or if you’re attending, “I’m so thrilled I get to celebrate this special day with you.” You want to express joy for them, and it’s always nice to let them know you feel grateful to included as part of their wedding day.

Share a Special Memory
If you have any fun memories with the couple, feel free to share them! Perhaps a funny story about when they first met or a moment you noticed how right they were for each other can really make your note more personal. Just remember to stay clear of any fights or tense moments they might have had—no one wants to be reminded of that. If you can’t think of any memories, just skip this part.

Offer Advice
If you’re married and you want to offer the couple some lighthearted, positive advice (this is not the time for cynical realities), go for it. Something like: “always make time for date nights” or “never stop surprising each other” should do the trick.

Sign off
A simple, “love” or “best wishes” is always best. And when in doubt, keep the whole note short and sweet. Wedding notes aren’t typically very long, so don’t get caught up trying to craft a well thought out novel.

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