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How to Write a New Baby Card

new baby cards

If you’re anything like us, you’re at the age when having a stack of new baby cards on hand is pretty much essential. As you pass through the wedding phase and head into the baby shower phase, sending a card full of heartfelt congratulations can be just what the new parents need to soothe their new mom and dad anxieties. Here’s what to write in a new baby card.

Start with congratulations
This is an exciting new time and it deserves a lot of celebration. Begin your note with a line that commemorates the moment.

Express your happiness
Let them know you’re excited for this next phase in their lives and you're overjoyed about their new addition.

Say you’re excited to meet him/her
Mom and Dad undoubtedly want to share their bundle of joy with the world, so make sure to write that you’re looking forward to meeting them some day.

Pay a compliment
New parenthood is full of anxiety, so a helpful “you’re going to be the best parents!” can go a long way. Mentioning how adorable their little one is always helps, too.

Sign off
Use the letter closing of your choice and sign your name below.

Sample message:
Congrats on the little one! I’m so happy for you both and I can’t wait to meet the new member of the family. You’re going to make such amazing parents! Sending you lots of love.


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