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How To Write a Heartfelt Mother's Day Card When You’re Running on Empty

How To Write a Heartfelt Mother's Day Card When You’re Running on Empty

Let’s be real. After an emotionally draining work week—which is every week, amirite?!—it can be difficult to put pen to paper and muster the sincere, heartfelt words that’ll make Mom shed a tear. In this increasingly digital age, many of us text our parents more than we call them and we think a Facebook post with a throwback photo will make them feel appreciated. But here’s the problem: texts and social media messages are fleeting, but a heartfelt card can be cherished forever. Here’s how to write a perfect Mother’s Day card.

Start by Thanking Her
Lest you forget, this woman is literally the one responsible for your existence. Yeah, dad is an important part of the equation too, but he didn’t spend hours pushing you out of a very small hole in his body, if we're being honest. Let Mom know how thankful you are that she gave you life, raised you, taught you how to make grandma's pasta sauce... whatever it is, take some time to thank her for all the ways she is special to you.

Tell Her How Often You Think Of Her
Dig deep and think of the things that stuck. Maybe it’s how no one will ever make homemade chicken noodle soup like her. Or that you remember her wise words every time you get your oil changed... because these things are important and you can't rely on a man to do it for you! Big or small, share the reasons you think of her often. 

Remind Her of Great Qualities
It’s a Mother’s Day card, but it’s truly an appreciation card. What great qualities does she have and how do they affect the people around her? For example, “Your kindness makes others feel so comfortable and it’s a quality I’ve always admired.” Or "I may be turning into you more each day, but at least I got your witty sense of humor!"

Encourage an Activity
It’s her day, so she should spend it in a way that’s best for her. Maybe it’s enjoying a relaxing massage or perhaps it’s indulging in a hobby she loves. No matter what it is, encourage her to enjoy her day to its fullest. If you’re lucky enough to live near her, the activity she’d likely love most is spending the day with you.

Tell Her How Lucky You Are
Everyone loves an ego boost, including Mom. Let her know you count yourself so lucky to have a Mom like her.

And then sign off with a simple “I love you.” It’s probably the most important thing for her to hear.