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How to Write a Friendship Card

How to Write a Friendship Card

There's nothing better than sifting through the mail at the end of the day and between the bills and the Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons (20% off... again), you find a hand-addressed envelope from a friend. Opening it to find a cheeky card with a heartfelt, just-saying-hi-and-i-miss-you note is enough to take an OK day to a great one. A friendship card may just be our favorite type of card to send, and — especially during these tough times — we've been trying to send more than ever. We hope you will, too, and we want to make it easier to #SendMoreHappiness with this easy guide on how to write the perfect friendship card. 

Start with "hello friend!"
Skip the formal greeting and try something a little more fun. If they've got a hilarious or potentially questionable nickname, this is the time to use it! 

If they're far away, let them know you miss them.
It could be as simple as literally writing "I miss you!" or you could mention something that made you think of them, whether it's their favorite food or a funny movie quote they love.

Let them know how much you mean to them.
You don't need to get overly sappy, but anyone would love to hear that they're important in your life. If you're stuck, a simple "my life would be so boring without you" should do the trick.

Be thankful.
Have they really had your back recently? Helped you through a tough time? Now is the time to tell them how much you appreciate their support. You don't need a thank you card to express gratitude! 

Pick a favorite quality of theirs.
Who doesn't love a compliment, right? If they're nails were looking amazing on Insta lately, give 'em the props they deserve. 

Close with a memory.
Think of a happy memory and use it as a way to wrap things up. Had a killer vacation in Mexico a few years ago? Say something like, "Wishing we were back on the beach in Cabo sipping margaritas together!"

And then sign it off with love! They're one of your besties, after all.

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