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How to Write a Father's Day Card Dad Will Actually Love

How to Write a Father's Day Card Dad Will Actually Love

Now that you won Mother’s Day by sending that super sweet card to your unsuspecting (OK probably suspecting) Mama, it’s time to embrace your next parental card-writing challenge: the Father’s Day card. Hopefully you've got in your hand a not-too-cheesy card for Dad (unless that’s your thing, of course), and you're planning to get it in the mail with plenty of time. Don't let writer's block make you late for this very important date! We’re here to help you craft a heartfelt Father’s Day message that Dad will truly appreciate.

Start with a memory.
Nothing tugs at Dad's heartstrings like nostalgia. Whether it's a memory of your first fishing trip together or that time way back when he coached your soccer team to victory—he lives for this stuff. So, if you're struggling for card content, think back to a cherished memory with your dad and start there.

Let him know how lucky you feel.
This is his day, so don't forget to remind Dad how awesome he is. It's not always easy to be vulnerable with your dad, but if there's any time to remind him how much you appreciate him, it's now. Be candid in sharing how lucky you feel to have him as your dad. 

Mention something he’s taught you. 
A time-honored fatherly tradition is passing along his wisdom—from how to change a tire to grilling a killer steak to mad budgeting skills. Let Dad know how he impacts you to this very day by sharing something you learned from him. 

Share how you'll celebrate.
If you're lucky enough to be with Dad on his holiday, let him know how excited you are to be celebrating together. If not, share how you'll celebrate in his honor. Maybe it's heading out to his favorite restaurant or working on a project at home—he'll appreciate hearing his favorite things recognized.

Sign off with your personal touch. If you're searching for the right words, a simple "I love you" is probably exactly what he needs to hear.

Happy Father's Day!