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How to Support the USPS Today

How to Support the USPS Today

If you're paying attention to the news these days, you probably already know the United States Postal Service is in trouble. If you're a P&P subscriber, you may have even noticed that your parcels haven't been arriving on time or that the tracking number doesn't always work (we're sorry!).

Mail service is delayed all over the country. We won't go too deep into the why, but it's largely due to the president's lack of financial aid for the organization during the pandemic, when it desperately needs help. Reminder: the USPS doesn't receive tax dollars — it's funded by the sale of postage, products and services, much of which is in decline.

So many people rely on the USPS, including the more than 630,000 people who work there! Whether you get prescriptions by mail, run your own small business, would like the option to vote by mail, or just love sending handwritten notes (ahem!), now's the time to come together to support USPS. Here's how:

Buy stamps
Stamps are always good to have on-hand, and now is a great time to stock up. Looking for a creative gift you can fit in an envelope? Send stamps to friends! If you need some inspiration, check out these 2020 forever stamps we love.

Buy merch
Yep, USPS sells merchandise and it's fantastic. From magic kits to children's books, there's a whole world of post office swag you didn't know you needed. This dog costume is one of our absolute favorites and who couldn't use another quarantine puzzle?

Call your representatives
One of the most impactful ways to support USPS is to contact your congressional reps — even if you think they already agree with you! Ask them to support funding USPS, at the very least through the election and the pandemic.

Text USPS to 50409
Truly the easiest way to take action. Automated texting tool Resistbot will sign a petition on your behalf and send it to your local officials.

Support small businesses that use USPS
Did you know that we buy stamps directly from USPS for our subscriptions and all our parcels are sent through USPS? Now you do! There are countless small businesses just like us who rely on the post office, so grab a few cards or find another small business to support that also ships through USPS.

Raise awareness
Use your social media accounts, email inbox, stash of cards, or your big ol' mouth to spread the word about what's happening with the USPS. It's likely that someone you know isn't aware of what's going on, so just letting them know about the crisis helps.


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