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Greeting Card Companies Doing Social Good

Greeting Card Companies Doing Social Good

When we started Part & Parcel, it was our dream to get to a point where we could support a social mission. Now that we're have one, we love to purchase from designers who have a charitable mission, too. From donating profits to supporting organizations they care about, these greeting card companies are doing good, and we're proud to support them. You should, too!



Read Between the Lines
A portion of every purchase from Read Between the Lines benefits the "I Have a Dream" Foundation of Dallas. Another fabulous reason to buy their cards that say all the right things.

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Amy Heitman
Amy partners with the Ink Foundation to work globally in the fight against human trafficking, modern-day slavery, prostitution, disease and poverty in the lives of children, family and communities; with a mission to empower, encourage and improve human lives. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every card is donated to help rescue and rehabilitate women bound in human trafficking, prostitution, and slavery. Hell yes to that.

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Friendly Fire Paper
Along with 12 other incredible women-owned small businesses, Friendly Fire Paper launched 18 Million Thanks, a campaign challenging people to send handwritten thank you notes to America’s 18 million healthcare workers. The campaign showcases awesome cards from each company, along with hospital addresses, testimonials from healthcare workers, and a whole bunch of collaborative creativity. Part & Parcel has been sending cards to 18 Million Thanks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and we've been so proud of the creators.

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Smudge Ink
Smudge Ink makes charitable contributions to causes they are passionate about — a dedication we can certainly get behind. 

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