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14 Funny Greeting Cards You Can't Help But Laugh At

14 Funny Greeting Cards You Can't Help But Laugh At

The best kind of greeting card is a funny greeting card. No argument there, right? Finding the right funny greeting card isn't always easy, so we've rounded up our best hilarious greeting cards so you always have a card that will make them laugh.

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Love it or hate it, this phrase is here to stay. It's also hilarious once you put this "definition" next to it. This card is perfect for a birthday laugh. Buy it here. 



Toilet Birthday
This funny birthday card is pretty much perfect because it's true. For the friend that knows you well, it's exactly what you need. Buy it here. 



Reward Myself with Cheese
Is there any better reward than cheese? For the cheese lover in your life, this is the kind of greeting card they'll hang on the fridge. Bonus points if you pair it with a wheel of brie and some crackers. Buy it here. 

reward with cheese card



Grown Women
For all those grown ass women that love greeting cards, we tell it like it is. This funny greeting card is perfect for a just-because moment when she least expects it. Buy it here. 

funny greeting card



Home is Wherever I'm with You
You hear the lyrics to this hit song and you think "aww." But this funny greeting card has the real subtext of a relationship written within the lines. Plus, it'll make them chuckle. Buy it here.

home is whenever i'm with you card



Burrito Baby
The most relatable new baby card for parents with a healthy sense of humor. It's one of our best sellers for a reason — it's a hit every time. Buy it here.

burrito baby greeting card



Hate You The Least
It's funny. It's hilarious. It's the highest compliment you can get! Another best seller, this one's hard to keep in stock. Buy it here.



I mean, this is how you really feel when a friend leaves you, right? It's better to laugh than cry, I guess. Buy it here.

farewell greeting card



You Being Born
I mean it's get to eat cake tonight because of them. Buy it here.

funny sarcastic birthday card



Birthday Alpaca
This alpaca is just as cute as it is funny. Plus, he's ready to party. Just look at that outfit! Buy it here.


punny birthday card



Birthday Alpaca
Take that standard "thinking of you" card and give it a slightly racy, fun spin. It's much better this way anyway. Buy it here.

funny thinking of you card



Next Episode
Seriously though, is there a more important code of rules these days in a relationship? Don't stream ahead! Buy it here.

netflix love card



Before anyone else. Or you know, the love of your life. Then, there's also what it means in Danish, so you can get a laugh in. Who knew? Buy it here.

bae greeting card



Give a Shit Birthday
A cheeky birthday card that tells it like it is. It's also the highest compliment around. Buy it here.

birthday give a shit card