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The Cutest Baby Shower Cards

The Cutest Baby Shower Cards

Another new baby is on the way! Which means you've got a baby shower to attend, and you'll need a cute new baby card to go along with that gift. We've got tons of options to choose from — and none of them include a picture of an umbrella on the front. (Are you sensing a pet peeve here?)

And when you've picked out that perfect baby shower card, we'll help you figure out what the heck to write in it here.

Burrito Baby
Fun fact: this Near Modern Disaster card is our best selling of all time. It's funny. It's cute. And it's true! Bonus points if you deliver real burritos during your night of the new baby meal train.



lucky baby

Lucky Baby
Who's lucky and has two (teeny-tiny) thumbs? This new kiddo of course! Little bebe has come into this world loved by so many people, and what's better than that? These artful animals illustrations make this a sweet card perfect for a little boy or girl. Bonus: you can plant this card's envelope and watch a new plant grow along side the little one. 



Modern Congrats
Not a fan of cutesy baby shower cards? Instead, take the opportunity to congratulate mom and dad in the classiest way possible. This art deco-inspired card design is stylish and will go perfectly with any gift. 



Cool In-Laws
If your bestie is having a baby, this is the card to give. Why not tell it like it is, after all? You want your kids to be BFFs (even if those kids are future, hypothetical ones). Or better yet, make friends into family. 



Huge Celebration
You know what calls for a huge celebration? Giving birth! Honestly, what deserves a bigger celebration? That's right – nothing. Done and dusted. 



Tiny Human Alert
They've added a tiny human to their gang and it's time to celebrate. Let them know you can't wait to meet the little guy or gal with this sweet and funny baby shower card.

Not seeing one that speaks to you? Head over to our full section of new baby cards for more options!