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9 Black-Owned Greeting Card Companies To Support

9 Black-Owned Greeting Card Companies To Support

At Part & Parcel, we're dedicated to diversity in the artists with whom we partner, and we're taking action to support more Black artists and designers. We recently added new styles from Little Lovelies Studio and Neighborly Paper, two amazing Black-owned greeting card businesses that we love.

Here are a few of our favorite Black-owned greeting card companies. We encourage you to check them out and support them by purchasing and sending more cards! #SendMoreHappiness


Graphic Anthology
This charming card company is focused on simple, positive, kind messages to help build heartfelt connection – a mission we can get behind! The company was built after the loss of a parent in 2010, and the designs are all about helping people express themselves to the ones they care about most. 

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Honest AF Cards
On the other end of the spectrum, Honest AF cards push the envelope of what we're used to getting in the mailbox – a little obscene, definitely funny, and 100% honest. Perfect for the person in your life that prefers candor over poetry. Their motto? "No flowers. No balloons. No BS. Just words." 

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Carla Sue Greeting Cards
These pretty cards are hand-crafted in Houston, featuring sassy and beautiful messages of empowerment and positive representation. Even better, they're eco-friendly!

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Culture Greetings 
This Atlanta-based tech startup offers something a little different for card-lovers. Pick a culturally-relevant greeting card on their site, and they'll mail the card for you using handwritten fonts. Sure, it's not quite the same as a note written by you, but the selection is unmatched with 1,500 greeting cards using imagery featuring Black people. 

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Aims Moon Paperie
The sweet and soothing designs of Aims Moon Paperie are meant to help women stay connected to themselves and each other. The cards are produced in small batches in St. Louis by designer Amy. She dedicates her designs to under-represented communities, with a goal of empowering the women around her.

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Little Lovelies Studio 
Designer Nikki Tyler needed a creative outlet as a young stay-at-home mom, and found her calling with Little Lovelies Studio. Her cards are designed and produced in North Carolina, made with environmentally-friendly materials. And most importantly, they make us smile. 

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Nicole Marie Paperie
Based out of New York City, this whimsical and bright greeting card brand has a little something for everyone – from sweet cards for kids to sassy cards for your bestie. Every item is printed on eco-friendly paper, proudly made in the U.S.A. and artfully assembled by hand. 

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Paisley Paper Co.
Comin' in hot from Detroit, Michigan, Paisley Paper Co. has an edgy sense of humor and bold, vibrant designs. They make cards that say what we've all been thinking... but they keep it all in good fun! 

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Neighborly Paper
One of our recent favorites, Neighborly Paper is a Black-owned greeting card company created by two best friends – one a writer, one an illustrator. They're committed to being real, unapologetic, witty, and bold. Their fun, colorful cards celebrate good times, embrace awkward situations, and find the right words for the days that suck.

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