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8 Women-Owned Greeting Card Companies to Support

8 Women-Owned Greeting Card Companies to Support

By Sarah Carvalho

Though Women’s Appreciation Month is technically in March, here at Part & Parcel we celebrate all year long. We’re passionate about supporting other female entrepreneurs, so we make a true effort to stock women-owned greeting cards and highlight their artistic, unique and witty designs! 

Here are just a few of our favorite women-owned greeting card companies — though, truthfully, the list is endless. Check 'em out below and support them by sending more cards! Because what’s better than investing in women and giving your friends a little snail mail love? 

You can also check out our round-ups of Black-owned and LGBTQ-owned greeting cards for more card inspo. #SendMoreHappiness


Amy Heitman
A former elementary art teacher who left the school world to create her own design and illustration studio, Amy Heitman launched her wholesale line in January 2015. Her cards are known for their intricate details and joyous designs, as well as encouraging themes of connectedness, light, and love. And even lovelier, Amy donates a portion of the proceeds from every card sale to INK Foundation, a global organization fighting modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

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417 PRESS 
417 PRESS is a graphic design and letterpress print studio based in Montreal. Created by the talented Michelle Angenent, the designs are clean and sharp-tongued in all the best ways. These whimsical and sassy greeting cards are sure to brighten even the gloomiest of days. 417 PRESS also creates custom-designed invitations, business cards, and stationery — so consider them your one-stop shop!

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Dear Ollie
Dear Ollie is the creation of the all-around talented Sara Pulver. Each design is created in her home studio, and she has a personal hand in every step of the card-making process itself (scanning, printing, cutting, and scoring!). All Dear Ollie cards are not only hand-drawn in-studio, but are also printed on paper sourced from a 100% hydroelectric run, family-owned paper mill in Michigan. An adorable bonus? Dear Ollie is named after her sweet puppy, Oliver. 

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Dahlia Press
Created by designer Stephanie S. Clarke, Dahlia Press is a boutique design and letterpress studio founded in Seattle, Washington. Stephanie first delved into the craft by creating custom announcements and invitations, before beginning a small line of greeting cards and social stationery in 2014. Her cards are known for their impactful yet simple designs, and she’s even expanded into canvas bags, pencils and activist-inspired postcards — so there is a little something for everyone!

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Our Heiday
Our Heiday was first launched in June 2014 by former law student Patricia Shen, who left her studies to embrace an inner creative urge. Her sister Dot later joined the company, and the two have been running Our Heiday ever since! Their greeting cards have a beautiful, effortless, and soft design to them, encouraging love and connection. Fun fact: Their company name comes from the name of Patricia and Dot's mom and their four aunts, whose Korean names all begin with "Hei.” Strong female vibes clearly run in the family!

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Friendly Fire Paper
Friendly Fire, another impressive sister-run company, was founded in October 2016. All of their greeting cards are made in-house in their Connecticut studio and consistently deliver the laughs wherever they go. These cards are full of banter, puns, and relatable real-talk (check out their seriously spot-on Covid-specific collection!), so they make for an all-around good time once they’re signed, sealed, and delivered.

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Antiquaria was created by quite the dynamic duo: illustrator Emma James and calligrapher Bailey Amon. The two originally met in an Austin stationary store, and their mutual admiration for each other led them to launch the women-owned greeting card company Antiquaria! With Bailey’s gorgeous calligraphy and Emma’s talent for design, their cards evoke what they call a “vintage-modern design,” while still feeling beautifully grounded. Along with calligraphy, their cards also feature watercolors, hand-drawn illustrations, and vintage etching to name a few!

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The Card Bureau
Here's a one-stop shop for your politically engaged friends! Started by Janie Velencia, a former political journalist, The Card Bureau finds inspiration in politics, intersectional feminism, current events, and pop culture. The company was born by selling DC-themed cards around the political epicenter — the Capitol Hill neighborhood — before expanding to include themes and messaging for everyone across the country. The best part? Their objective is to empower women and spur activism and self-expression. Now that’s a goal we can get behind!

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