5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Part & Parcel

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Part & Parcel

There aren’t many people we meet that don’t want to send more cards. Who says no to spreading more joy in the world? These days we’ll take spontaneous happiness anywhere we can find it, from a kind word to a midday pick-me-up to, well, getting a handwritten card from your best friend just because. And while being on the receiving end is fantastic (queue instant mood enhancement), we admit there’s a lot of satisfaction in being the one who’s spreading it. Knowing there is a smile on the other end and you’ve brightened someone’s day is truly as good as getting the card yourself. And that’s why we created Part & Parcel. So you can do that easily.

But we know we’re only step one. And we want to make it even easier to spread the love with these five steps to help you organize yourself and make the most out of your subscription. Because you spent hard earned money on this. Here’s what to do next.

Put birthdays in your calendar

If the bulk of the cards you send or give each year are birthdays (guilty), the first thing you should do is connect your Facebook birthdays with whatever calendar you use (Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar are all supported).

Follow these steps: Homepage-->Events-->Birthdays-->copy link address-->import calendar URL into your calendar of choice.

Now all your birthdays are in a central place you can check once a month to make sure you never forget anyone. Want to go one step further? Set up 30 day advance notifications on your most important birthdays. This way you’ll get an additional reminder to drop that card in the mail.

Set up other important dates

Whether it’s your parent’s anniversary, an upcoming wedding or the day your friend kicked cancer’s ass, there are a million important dates to remember in a year. Spend just 10 minutes putting those in your calendar for the next year and set them to recur yearly if applicable. You’ve just set yourself up for a lifetime of being the most thoughtful friend ever. And it only took 10 minutes. 

Invest in a cute card box

If you’ve invested in our signature subscription, you’re going to get some cards you may not use right away. That’s called preparation! Then next time your friend calls to tell you she’s pregnant or you just want to tell your significant other you love them, you’ve already got the perfect card. Throwing your cards in a drawer may make you forget about them, or worse, they might get bent or dirty. Card boxes like this or this or this look elegant displayed on a desk, nightstand or dresser—and they’ll always be top of mind!

Write all your cards at once

When you get your shipment of cards in September, set up a time to write out all the cards you’ll need for October. Put on your favorite tunes and get them stamped and ready to go. You’ll be sure to send them if they’re already prepped and waiting for you to just drop them in the mailbox. 

Set up a master address document

Some of the cards you write you’ll be lucky enough to deliver in person. But some you’ll send off with that included stamp—that is if you know where to address them. Sign up for a service like Postable or create your own spreadsheet where you’ll keep your addresses up to date. Hell, maybe even get a good old fashioned paper planner or address book. There are just so many cute ones these days! No matter what system you use, pick one and stick to it. Input all the addresses you already have and then get all the ones you’d think you need now. That way, when you want to send someone a card, it’ll be a surprise.

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