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5 Non-Birthday Reasons to Send a Card

5 Non-Birthday Reasons to Send a Card

We believe in giving cards for all occasions. It is, after all, why we’re in business. Send more happiness people!


We also know that sometimes knowing which occasions — besides moments like a birthday, new baby or the holidays — you should give a card isn’t second nature to everyone. But fear not, we’re here to help!


We’ve collected some of our favorite non-birthday related life moments that deserve a card. And don’t stress about what to put inside — let the reason for giving guide you.



This is always a BFD. This means other folks (i.e., the boss) recognized the hard work your friend, sibling or partner put in to earn that promotion and so you should too! Knowing that you, someone who isn’t at the office seeing their hard work each day, also see the fruits of their labor will mean so much to them. Tell them congrats, that it’s well-earned and celebrate the achievement. Especially if a new corner office comes with the promotion, a great card will look great on their desk.


Take a peek at this fabulous Congratulations card!



Giving a card on a wedding day is easy peasy. But the engagement is just as exciting. And for most couples, so fleeting. Sending a card with a quick congrats on the engagement gives them something to stick on their fridge and be a daily reminder of the excitement of this time period as well. Plus, if you send them a fun card now, they’ll already be looking forward to the card you’ll give them on their wedding day!


Need an engagement card quick? Check this one out!


Good luck

Taking the bar exam. Interviewing for a new job. Competing in the Olympics (I would totally send Shaun White a card). Cheer your nearest and dearest on! These are big undertakings. Ones that usually entail months of prep, practice and dedication. A little note wishing them good luck is something they can stick in their notebook, purse or snow pants before they drop into the super pipe of life’s luck-needing moments.


Bon Voyage


Send your friend off on her three month South East Asian adventure with a sweet card she can carry with her on her trek. Surprise your partner with a note in their suitcase on a long business trip. Share recommendations of your favorite London pubs with your friend popping across the pond. We are so lucky to be able to travel as far and as frequently as we can and thanks to technology we can always stay connected. But NOTHING beats opening your suitcase in the hotel at your destination to find a handwritten note from a loved one (I’ve been known to tuck them in folded shirts, pants, toiletries bags...and he’s surprised every time!).


Veterans Day


Near and dear to my heart, Veterans Day and the men and women it honors is certainly worthy of a thoughtful, handwritten card. It’s a day celebrating the ultimate act that we should express gratitude for, even if their tour ended last month or their service was many years ago. Whoever it may be, take the time to thank someone from our Armed Forces with one of our sweet Thank You cards.