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Funny Valentine's Day Cards For The Goofy Couple

Funny Valentine's Day Cards For The Goofy Couple

Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away and no matter how you celebrate with your partner, we think a card should always be involved. If you're anything like us, you like a Valentine's Day card that will make him or her laugh. From raunchy to oh-so-true these cards will make any partner smile.

There's Nobody Else

It's true, modern love at its finest, right? This Emily McDowell card will definitely make them laugh — then they'll thank you for that amazing gift you got to go with the card.


Before anyone else. Or you know, the love of your life. Pop culture lovers will appreciate this one — as will anyone who loves a good poop joke.

Home is Wherever I'm With You

Because true love means fighting about sushi vs. pizza. This one is another Emily McDowell classic that is spot on — in a good way.

Stud Muffin

True love embraces each other's muffin tops. Right?!

Climb You Like a Tree

A saucy love card that doesn't beat around the bush.

Your Ass is Mine, Valentine

Straight. To the point. Perfect. Fill this card full of plans for your big Valentine's Day plans and they're sure to have the best day ever.

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