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2020 Forever Stamps We Love

2020 Forever Stamps We Love

Is it just us, or are fun and quirky stamps one of the best parts of getting and sending cards?! We love the way the perfect stamp completes a pretty envelope or even hints at the message inside. Ok, yes, clearly we're snail mail obsessed. But you're here... so maybe you are, too? Check out these 2020 Forever stamps we're crushing on hard. 


Let's Celebrate Stamp 
Birthday card senders, rejoice! This is your stamp. Designed by Antonio Alcalá, the 2020 Let's Celebrate stamp is colorful and cheerful — perfect for any happy occasion, from wedding cards to new baby cards

Gwen Ifill Stamp
Part of the USPS's Black Heritage stamp series, the Gwen Ifill stamp honors one of our country's most respected journalists. Ifill was one of the first Black women to make her way as a trailblazer in broadcast and print journalism — a stamp any of us should be proud to put on our current greeting cards! 

Bugs Bunny Stamp
Debuting in August 2020, the newest Bugs Bunny stamp commemorates our favorite cartoon rabbit and his adventures through the years. This Forever stamp brings us back to our childhood, and we're digging its carefree energy. 

Hip Hop Stamp
We're loving the vibes of the 2020 Hip Hop stamp, which celebrates a truly significant movement in American culture and art. Featuring photos by Cade Martin, the stamps have a variety of designs featuring MCing, b-boying, DJing, and graffiti art.

Lunar New Year: Year of the Rat Stamp
2020 is the Year of the Rat, and frankly it feels like it. But this stunning stamp — the third in a Lunar New Years series from USPS — makes us feel a little bit of hope for some beauty in this crazy year. 

Made of Hearts Stamp
You might not be getting married in 2021, but you can still send a save-the-date, right? These Made of Hearts stamps are perfect for wedding invites, love notes, thank you cards, or even a sympathy card. 

Earth Day Stamp
It's officially been 50 years since the first Earth Day, so let's celebrate! We're big nature people around here, so we love this stamp that honors our beautiful planet and reminds us to protect Mother Nature. 

Ruth Asawa Stamp
Honoring Ruth Asawa, an esteemed Japanese sculptor, this 2020 Forever stamp features an assortment of her ethereal pieces of art. As greeting card enthusiasts, we can't help but love the support of a true artist. 

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Stamp
Did we mention we love nature?! The Great Outdoors stamp shows five different scenes that make us wish we weren't sitting at home in quarantine. From building a sandcastle to canoeing on a river, these stamps make us want to get outside — pronto!

Voices of the Harlem Renaissance Stamp
These distinctive 2020 Forever stamps highlight the Black writers and artists of the 1920s Harlem Renaissance, celebrating the voices and spirit of the time. This year is the perfect time to honor these brave people who pushed the boundaries of art and literature. 

Thank You Stamp
These lovely stamps adorned with calligraphy and floral designs are perfect for all your thank you cards. Designed by lettering artist Dana Tanamachi, this Thank You Forever stamp is one to have in your desk drawer! 
Thank You Stamp 2020 Frever Stamp 

Are you as stamp-obsessed as we are? Good news: the post office is always introducing new stamp designs, so you can keep your collection fresh! Check out all the 2020 Forever Stamps, or sign up for a Part & Parcel monthly subscription, and we'll send you four cards and four stamps each month — so you always have one on hand when you need it!