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10 Coronavirus-themed Greeting Cards to Send During Quarantine

10 Coronavirus-themed Greeting Cards to Send During Quarantine

This year has been a wild one — there no denying it. But our silver lining here at Part & Parcel is that all this at-home time has given us an extra nudge to reach out to friends and family we're missing extra hard. Since we can't travel or indulge in a weekend dinner party these days, we're writing more covid greeting cards and doing our best to #sendmorehappiness.

Here are a few of our favorite COVID-19 greeting cards to send while you're spending all that time on the couch. Just be sure to wear your mask when you head to the mailbox! 


Oh, The Places You'll Go!
For the recent grad, your favorite travel buddy, or really anyone at this point... this COVID-19 greeting card hits the nail on the head. Buy it here.


Mercury in Retrograde
Has Mercury been in retrograde for the entirety of 2020? Sure feels like it. Send this one to your in-tune-with-the-universe bestie with a sense of humor. Buy it here. 


It's Ok to Not Be Ok
Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder that it's ok to not be ok. Right now is 100% one of those times. Buy it here. 



6 Feet Apart
Whether you're six feet apart or on the other side of the world, let your friends know you miss giving them big juicy hugs with this coronavirus greeting card. Buy it here. 


Good Times Ahead
Weddings, birthdays, and vacations aren't cancelled forever. Good times are ahead — so why not get excited now?! Buy it here. 


Reward Myself with Cheese
If you haven't upped your wine and cheese intake, are you really in quarantine? This relatable Covid-19 greeting card just gets us. Buy it here.


Heard You Missed Me
A fan favorite over here, send this one to the person who misses you the most. Whether that's your mom or your manicurist, we're not here to judge. Buy it here. 


Thinking About You... Generally
Because the standard "thinking of you" greeting card isn't always completely accurate. At least this one's honest. Buy it here. 


Home Is Wherever I'm With You
How many recipes have you tried in quarantine? Remind your live-in plus-one that there's no one else you'd rather argue over dinner with — at home. Buy it here. 


Thinking of You(r) Butt
Because let's be real... you're not thinking of their eyes. Send this to your bestie with a booty or your quirky aunt who needs a laugh. Buy it here. 


Don't see the perfect quarantine greeting card for your bestie / mom / grandma / work wife? Check out our other just because cards for fun ways to let your people know you're thinking of them. We hope you're staying safe and healthy!